Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to our Blog!

As you are most likely already aware, we are planning a move to Bangkok, Thailand! We wanted to create a spot that we could post updates of our timeline, give details of this adventure, and share stories along the way.

Andrea McGlynn, our cousin, can be credited with giving us our blog name. We considered From Hutch to Bang, The Real World MacLeod Edition, The Adventures of Greg and Mary, but ultimately decided on The MacLeod Thaimes. We hope you add the Thaimes to your favorites to check up on what we are doing!

A few weeks ago, Greg sent out an update email to our family. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • HTI (Greg's employer) is in the process of building a new factory just north of Bangkok near the city of Ayutthaya (about 40 miles north of downtown Bangkok)
  • We'll be moving in late summer. Greg's tentative start date in Thailand is Mon. August 9th
  • Greg and one other engineer will help trail 4 Thai Engineers that will be working with HTI in Thailand. They will arrive to the US in April for training.
  • Our June looks to be quite busy: To Grand Rapids for a wedding, finishing my year at school, going to Bangkok on a house hunting trip, and a Boundary Waters adventure.

We hope this helps get you caught up on our lives! Thanks for reading The MacLeod Thaimes!

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