Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Calendar

Recently, many of our friends and family have said to us, "We hope to come see you before you leave." While we welcome anyone who wants to venture out to Hutch, you may want to make sure we are here first. Our calendar is filling up quickly! If you can't make it here, perhaps we will get to see you where ever we are going. Let us know if you want to come, we have a futon, some floor space, and usually some beverages in the fridge. Here is what our weekends look like from here to July.

This weekend- Here!
17th- Here, but busy until Saturday afternoon
24th- Here, but tentative plans
May 1- Back to Iowa
8th- Cabin Opening
15th- Duluth to visit friends
22nd- OPEN!!!
29th- Maybe here, Maybe at the cabin
June 5th- Wedding in Michigan
12th- Thailand
19th- Thailand
26th- Boundary Water Trip
July 3rd- Cabin
July 10th- From here on out we have no plans, but it is probably within a month or less of moving.

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