Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome to the USA

Before moving to Thailand, the Thai engineers that have been hired are being trained here in the USA. The 3 engineers are part of a group of around 30 Thais and 10 people from India who are staying in Eau Claire. Greg has spent the majority of the past two weeks in Wisconsin meeting the new engineers and helping start their training process. Greg is very impressed with their knowledge and experience, all with 5-10 years of hard-drive experience.

Part of the training process includes helping the Thais get acclimated to the US culture. This has included dinner at Texas Roadhouse where all ordered, "Beef Steak and Local Beer." In an earlier training Greg had learned that they would be overwhelmed with the amount of choices on an American menu, so Greg was prepared. Greg translated for the waitress, "Bring them an 8oz sirloin and a Fat Squirrel (local WI beer)"

Greg and the other US engineer, Eric, have also noticed how the 3 Thais have a different perception of personal space. Nid, the female Thai that will soon be in Hutchinson, always has a hand on whoever she is talking. Nid and Suwat, he will stay in WI for training, came up to Greg this past week, and shared, "Not like other American men," while patting Greg's stomach! Next, Nid touched Kai's, the other Thai engineer that will come to Hutch, stomach and said, "Don't worry, you're becoming more like them!"

This week I had the opportunity to go to Eau Claire and meet Eric's wife Melanie for the first time. We discussed what we're packing, vaccinations, and the local Bangkok turmoil over sushi and wine. It was nice to have the chance to spend time with the people we'll be moving with to Thailand.

Also this week, the group of engineers toured the Leinenkugel Brewery. Here is Greg and Suwat enjoying the Leinie Lodge!

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