Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keeping with Tradition

(Should have been posted at the beginning of December)... 

Who wants to spend their birthday alone? Um, no one!  Actually, Greg and I have spent more of my birthdays apart than together. During college it was impossible to get a 5 hour trip in while studying for finals. While Greg was completing his master's there was night class and then one year he was in Sweden. On my last birthday Greg was in the US looking for a house for us in Eau Claire and I was still in Thailand. I look at it with a glass half full attitude, we kept tradition.

To make the most of my birthday weekend, a 3 day weekend because it close to the HM King's birthday, I went back to Phuket. I bought my tickets and booked my hotel. It ended up to be beautiful and relaxing. I didn't know it at the time, but it would be the last time I really sat on the beach in Thailand before moving back. The beach was quiet, I read an entire book, and ate yummy food. The only thing missing: Greg.

Upper Left then clockwise: I got a birthday card from AirAsia on the plane, my view from my chair, my lunch, Happy Birthday Me! 

Sunset, my dinner (Green Curry Spaghetti and a Chang Beer),  Fried Bananas for desert,  Tim Tams and wine for  my second treat, and I picked up some coosies for a souvenir. 

More beach, more yummy food, bottom left was the view from my hotel.

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