Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Overdue Report: Part 2, Saigon

The next morning we got up early to catch our bus to Saigon, Vietnam. A few hours into the trip we realized we had misread the bus schedule, as what we thought was a 6 hour trip all too slowly turned into a 14 hour marathon. There was plenty of time for pictures along the way.

Leaving Siem Reap
The view along the main highway.
Lunch break! Yes, those are fried insects.
Waiting for the ferry across the Mekong River
Are we there yet?
Nearing the boarder!
The next day Mary and I ventured out to explore Saigon. If you think Bangkok traffic is crazy, come to Vietnam! Every step was an adrenaline rush. Saigon was formally renamed Ho Chi Minh City after the Vietnam War (or the American was as it's known in Vietnam), but the locals still call the city Saigon. Today the city is a rapidly developing industrial center.

Venturing out from our hotel.
Searching for breakfast at the local market.
We stopped by the Saigon Notre-Dame Basillica and the post office, both architectural icons of Saigon.
We checked out some temples and pagodas
We even enjoyed some of the local advertisements.
The War Remnants Museum (former known as the "Museum of American War Crimes") was interesting. It offered some distinctly different views on the war than what is taught in American schools.
We finished off our day in Saigon by heading to the railway station to catch the train to Hanoi.

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