Friday, September 13, 2013


Highlights from my week at school: (Inquiry Theme: We are Unique; Week's Theme: Our National Anthems)

Throughout this week we have been listening to everyone's national anthems. With the help of YouTube, you can find videos playing the song with images from around the appropriate country rotating in the background. It was a great way to take a virtual field, hear the languages kids speak at home, and learn how to show respect when you hear these songs.

Here is Thailand's National Anthem. It's played everyday at 8am and 6pm in public train stations. Most schools play it before the day begins as well. Click Here!

Yesterday during show and tell one of my Japanese students made an origami whale. She did it with the whole class watching- it was amazing. Then with the paper she brought- everyone got their own try.

On Wednesday one of my Korean students brought in a Korean drum he made from Cup-of-Noodles containers, a shoe string, and chopsticks. This was after I suggested in a newsletter that they could email me a picture of a traditional instrument. His mom did email a link to a video of someone playing it.

In other news...

1) Our sea shipment has cleared customs and our things arrive on Saturday. No more sleeping on an air mattress!

2) Next weekend (long weekend with Friday and the next Monday off) we'll be headed to the beach, Koh Mak. Click here for images and to know why YOU should come visit us!

3) Missing the beginning of fall and Hawkeye Football Lots! Go Hawks!

Now off to school....TGIF!


  1. Ok... Koh Mak looks amazing... We really are investigating a visit summer of 2014 ... not Thanksgiving time anymore.

  2. Summer is a good time for a visit. It is hot then, just like the rest of the year.