Friday, November 8, 2013

Lost in Translation

We are lucky to live in an SE Asia city that caters to the tourists and expats. When going to restaurants in downtown and in the Bangkok area, there is usually a menu in English. We can usually tell immediately if they just used Google translator or had a person/company help them accurately put the Thai into English.

When you happen upon a restaurant using a word-by-word translation method you can end up with some... let's say unique... menu items.

Here is a list of menu items all from one Thai restaurant that was located in the neighborhood we stayed when we first came back in July. Some of them you can figure out... some of them you just have no idea!

  • Prison Break Trailer
  • Topping
  • New Octopus Garden
  • I hope the Lemon
  • Plaza Forum
  • A Golden Needle Mushroom Butter
  • Stir in Spagetthi Drunk
  • Dip Fish Balls Roughly
  • Ancient Fish
  • New Items in the Chicken

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