Friday, October 31, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away

It's that time of year in Bangkok when residents start wishing the rain would finally stop falling.  Previous years have brought fears of flooding, but thankfully that has not been the case this year.  Flash flooding is always a problem during the monsoon season, but widespread floods have not been a significant concern around Bangkok this year.

That said, we're still very ready for a break for the rain.  It doesn't rain all the time, but most evenings recently have been greeted by a deluge of water from the heavens.  Not only does this affect going out in the city, it also wreaks havoc on Bangkok's already notorious traffic.

October is the second wettest month on average in Bangkok, but that things typically dry out quickly in November.

The recent rains haven't been all bad.  There have been plenty of opportunities to enjoy spectacular shows of lightning from our 22nd story condo.

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