Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Websters Came to Thailand

Over Thanksgiving we were very blessed to have Greg's sister and our brother and law come to visit us. They were in Thailand from the 26th November through the 9th December. Andrew had just finished volunteering for 3 months in the northern UK for a mission's organization. Ann also joined him for the majority of the time and volunteered in the community as well. After their time here in Thailand they returned back to Michigan and their jobs- but we were so happy they decided to swing by on their way home.  To learn more about them, check out their blog at:

Ann and Andrew are excellent bloggers and facebook updaters while traveling. The majority of the pictures you'll see here are taken right from them. We really really enjoyed showing them Thailand. We showed them the beach, two unique markets, and of course the big city.  During their time up north by themselves they saw the mountains, spent a day with Thai elephants and enjoyed the country side. They really saw the best of what this country has to offer, which right now includes US!

Happy Thanksgiving! Ann and Andrew met about 30 of our friends from Bangkok for a Thanksgiving Feast at a local hotel. Yum Yum!

Greg and I both took the day after Thanksgiving off and we took the Websters down to Koh Samet. We enjoyed the island life of laying on the beach, snorkeling, eating seafood and getting massages as they recovered from jet-lag. 

After Ann and Andrew returned to Bangkok from their trip to Chiang Mai we took a day trip to Meklong to see the train market and toured through the nearby Amphawa Floating Market. It was our first time to the floating market as we didn't realize how close the two were located! 
Another day in the city was spent getting massages (boys) and pedicures (girls), going to a movie, venturing up Bangkok's tallest building for sunset and eating dinner at a mall on the river.  Since the King's Birthday- also Father's Day, a national holiday is 5th December was during their stay, we saw plenty of photo opportunities for dads and the Baiyoke Tower was no different!  I had Greg stand by the Daddy Engineer display :-)  (middle right)

Other adventures with the Websters included a bike ride through Bangkok's Green Lung, dinner at our favorite Thailand Wisconsin dive bar Fatty's, putting up our Christmas tree, going to worship with us and ordering dinner afterwards from our favorite kebab vendor Jack.

Ann and Andrew also spent time in the Bangkok exploring the Grand Palace and partaking in a cooking class, "Cooking with Poo" as well as just relaxing before heading back to their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can read all about it on their blog.  We feel so blessed to have now had a majority of our immediate family come and see us here in Thailand. Thanks for coming!

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