Sunday, October 4, 2015


I was looking back at some old blog posts this weekend and realized what a great way this blog has been for us to document our adventures living in Thailand.  I also realize it has been 9 months since we last posted anything.  Time to fix that little problem.

As you might imagine, we have been rather busy learning to be parents since Lily came into our lives in January.  Life has become a whole new sort of adventure.  It seems like every few days Lily comes up with a new way to keep us on our toes.

We're going to try to start better documenting what's going on with our lives in Thailand for our friend and family back home (and anyone else who wants to read since this is a public blog).  I'm going to start out with an update on the biggest change to our lives in the last nine months, Lily.

Being a parent is both exhausting and wonderful. Seeing your child grow and develop is an amazing process.

A little about Lily:

  • Lily has been crawling for about a month and has just recently started pulling herself up on things.  She's still a little ways from walking, but it that is coming soon enough.  
  • Lily is a talker.  She speaks her own language, but speaks it almost constantly.  She even talks in her sleep sometimes.
  • Lily loves making friends.  She waves, smiles, and talks with almost every person we see.  This is a lot of work on Bangkok's crowded subway trains.

Below are a few of our favorite pictures from Lily's first 9 months.

We've had quite a few visitors since Lily was born.  All the grandparents have made it over, plus a number of friends from the US, and a few co-workers have even stopped by to meet her.  We're always open for more visitors, so let us know when you'd like to stop by!

We'll post additional updates in the coming days and weeks.  There are plenty of topics to visit:  
  • We visited the US in July and plan to visit again in December
  • We still live in a developing country ruled by a military junta
  • Greg has a new hobby of scuba diving
  • We've visited more of Bangkok's rooftop bars in the last few months than the whole rest of our time living in Thailand
  • We are traveling to Indonesia in a few weeks
  • Plans are in the works for trips to a few more Asian countries while we still live in Thailand
Lots to talk about!

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  1. Great pictures. It's no wonder you haven't updated for 9 months. (Babies are awesome)