Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here's me on the elephant. This was Monday. If I look terrified, I was...

We took a boat tour on the river in this boat. It was great! Look at the giant lizard we saw in the water. We also saw people swimming in this river....

This is Jintana in front of the Saturday Buddha. There is a Buddha for every day of the week. In some areas, there are Buddhas for everyday of the year.

Greg at the feet of the reclining Buddha

We had a very long busy day yesterday (Tuesday). We were picked up at 8:00am and did not arrive home until 7:30pm. We had a guided tour of the palace, saw lots of Buddhas, and learned a lot about the Buddhist culture. Our tour guide, Pam, was very resourceful and we got her information to contact later to hire as a tour guide for anyone visiting us. For around $50 a day, Pan will show you around the sites of Bangkok. Here are some pictures below of the palace:

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