Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mission Accomplished

The Amazing pool.....
We can definitely swim laps and enjoy the spa jets.... Also on this floor (6th) is a track around the building, a fitness room, a study room, and small yard.

Since it's a condo, each room is different because of the owners, but the layout will be similar. We will bring some of our own things, but not everything. The building was designed to always have a cross wind, plus being high off the ground doesn't hurt either...

The view.... Some views you can see the river through town which is very unique...

It's Saturday night... and if you're planning on visiting us in Bangkok, we think we know where you will lay your head!!!! You can check out the website here and be amazed like we were and are. Our friends, Erik and Melanie, hope to live in this builiding as well. It's an beautiful, new, one of a kind building with everything we were looking for. We all were literally smiling after seeing this place.The building is called: Amanta Lumpini

The search began on Wednesday, continued on Thursday, was off Friday, and ended today. Our days have been long, hot, and tiring. The goals of the trip have been accomplished: Get to know Bangkok (a little) and find a prospective place to live. Check. Check.

We are unwinding here tonight and tomorrow we get to explore on our own. We will do some shopping and ride on the subway and skyway system to try getting around. Tomorrow is our last night here at this hotel and then we have one night back at the fancy hotel by the airport. Our flight leaves at 6am Tuesday. We get back just half a day later, Tuesday afternoon in Minnesota.
We are ready to be home (for around 24 hours) and we are very excited about Bangkok being our new home for the next couple years.

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