Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Glad We Did It, but Not Recommended

This blog has been a long time coming, with a few more days until I go back to school I'll take the time now to post about a trip we took about one month ago... 

The second weekend in December we took another train trip. It made stops at The Bridge Over the River Kwai as well as Sai Yok San Waterfall. It was a long day. We left our condo at 6:00am and returned around 9:00pm. While parts of the trip were great, it was a long hot day on an open air train. We are thinking we'll return to the bridge someday by car, but not by train. We're glad we did the trip first though so we could advise our visitors accordingly.
Our train pulling into the station, 6:30am
In a town we stopped in along the way
The Bridge of the River Kwai is open for pedestrians when it's not in use by a train.

The country side as we rode in the train 
The conductor

The conductor's view while going through part of the Death Valley Railroad near  Kanchanaburi
The waterfall, a little slow running in the winter seasons.

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