Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Mulberry House ICP

If you knew me at all during high-school, you know I worked at the 7th Avenue Ice Cream Parlour (ICP) for many years. This week at school my classroom made/role-played ICP and it was great! We used paper cones and plastic balls for the "cooks" create the cones. We had menus for the "customers" and order forms for the "wait staff" It was really fun, so I decided to share it with you!
Alexander and Ayako are serving up some ice cream
We set it up in one of our outside areas. You can't see the other table in this picture, but it's to the left. 
Hannah gets her ice cream cones to bring back to the table.
Rehaan takes Edward's order
Tyler gives Annika a strawberry cone to take to the customer.
The girls give their orders to Hannah
Tyler is your waiter, looks like he's getting 2 strawberry and 1 lemon. Great tally marks Tyler!
Edward is taking the orders

The whole Rabbit Class, including my wonderful assistant Ms. Pu!

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