Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Friday at school we celebrated Chinese New Year. Before you run to the calendar and double check when Chinese New Year was this year and realize it wasn't Friday, I'll tell you that Friday also marked the end of the first half of our second term. To coordinate the two events, the New Year Celebration was delayed but still very festive! Actually, by delaying it one week we had more students participate as many were away with family last week for their own celebrations. The morning was complete with costumes, a parade, and finally a Big Assembly with songs! Here are some pictures to remind you just how cute the kids at my school are!

Ms. Pu and I before the kids arrived
My two Japanese students, Riri and Ayako.
Inside our room with table activities, waiting for the parents to move cars and get ready for the parade!
The parade!
Rehaan showing me his year of the Rabbit shirt. My students thought it was pretty cool that it was the Year of  Rabbit and we are the Rabbit Room.
More Table Top Activities
Not my student, but she's still adorable. I think her name is Ing Ing.
Ms. Katherine talking to Charlotte and Alexander. Behind in the stiletto  heals  and Ray Bans is their mom. I'll give her some credit, it looks like she's on her phone, but most likely she's looking at all the photos she just took her two kids.
After the Big Assembly, Hannah, Izzy and Me. Annika in the background.
Lily and her mom (who always dresses up for  the occasion!)
Again, not my student. But isn't Mui Mui adorable?
The youngest class singing their songs!
The Kangaroo Class singing!
Ms. Pu fixing up Riri's hair. Without Ms. Pu the girls in my class would have very messy hair. 
Happy New Year Everyone! Now it's time to get ready for the MacLeods (Doug and Cathy) to come!

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