Thursday, August 25, 2011

Part 3: Helsinki, Again

After returning to Finland we dropped off our luggage and made our way to a well known church. We tried to go to "Rock Church" a few days earlier, but found it closed to the public. That's what you get when you try to visit a church on a Sunday as a tourist!

We also ended up exploring a beautiful cemetery and walking along the beach before make our way to Greenbike. We rented our cute 1-speed Jopo bikes for 5 hours to tour Helsinki. We estimate we rode around 30KM. Stops were made for lunch at the harbor market, at the Russian Orthodox Church, to watch kite surfing in a bay, for ice cream and of course to check the map (Greg's job). This was one of our favorite activities on the trip. With the wind in your hair, the cool ocean breezes, and the warm sun no one got too hot or too cold during the journey. (I felt the sun afterwards though!) Highly recommended!


At the end of the day we headed to a roof top bar that Greg had visited on his trip to Helsinki in December 2009 for a drink and great view. Catching the bus to the airport we arrived in plenty of time to brush our teeth, put on some extra deodorant, and then check our luggage before boarding our red eye back to Bangkok. Everyone slept well and we arrived in Thailand ready to continue our adventure. Part 4 of 4: Thailand!

Pictures from our last walk around Helsinki. The shirts were a part of an art exhibit and Greg is  peering at us though his beer in a wine glass at our last meal in Europe. 

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