Sunday, August 28, 2011

Part 4 of 4: Thailand

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Arriving back in Bangkok in the afternoon, we gave Emily and David their first "cultural" experience just walking from the subway to our condo! If you've been here, you know what I mean. We ventured out for Thai food for dinner which brought David to tears. Not because it was beautiful or made him sad, but the spice was quite intense. I remember Emily saying, "I'll never eat that spicy of food ever again." To be honest, it was even spicy for us!
Emily and David at Indy Tree. I think David is next to Greg sipping his Heineken trying to ease the burn!

The next day we ventured to Koh Chang again. We enjoyed the beach, a water fall, and elephants during our short stay.
We all took turns swimming in the pool at the bottom.  It was nice and refreshing after the hike to get to it! 
Sunset on the pier

Elephant rides through the jungle and me on the beach!
Back in Bangkok, Greg went to work and Emily and David had two days to explore. 1 day was spent with tour guide Pam and the other with our driver. (Emily and David plan on writing a post of their own about their trip within the next month or so.) Their last day here was HM The Queen's birthday so we spent the holiday all together before sending them on their way back to the US!

We walked through Lumpini Park in the morning. 
Views from the Bayoke Tower. We've taken nearly all our visitors to this the tallest building in Bangkok. This day was proved to be the best yet. You could easily make out the mountains and the city looked beautiful. 
Our theory is that on holiday weekends enough people leave town that the  decrease in pollution  (less cars, less street vendors lighting up their charcoal grills, etc) make way for clear skies!

Thanks for coming Emily and David!


  1. I'm happy you put these photos up so we can enjoy from afar! Good commentary too. Thanks, Mary!

  2. Hi I am a new follower to your blog - we are moving to Bangkok in December and looking forward to following your posts :)