Sunday, February 2, 2014

Election Day

Thailand held elections today.  There was no major violence, although some polling stations were blocked by protesters, did not have ballots, or did not have election officials show up.  Overall 89% of the polling stations across the country were open.  People who were not able to vote were rather upset in many cases, and it is possible the election may end up being ruled invalid in the courts.

Saturday leading up to the election was not quite as peaceful.  There were a number of small bombings, and a rather significant shooting incident when pro and anti government demonstrators clashed.  7 people were wounded, including an American journalist.  Nobody was killed.

Mary and I took this weekend as a good opportunity to get out of Bangkok.  We drove down to the beach town of Hua Hin after work on Friday night.  We enjoyed time at the beach, good food, drink, and even a stop at the historic train station.

There was a ban on alcohol sales from 6PM Saturday through midnight on Sunday.  This bar chose to follow the law, although their communication on why they were closed was just a hair off the mark.

Protests are expected to continue this week. We will keep you updated. 

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