Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chess Match

The political situation has been rather quiet the last few days.  There are still lots of protests going on, but violence has been minimal.  This may just be the calm before the storm though.

Mary had a tense moment this morning when large explosions happened next to her school.  Turns out it was just a planned building demolition.  People are tense here though.  There have been many reports of bombs going off the last two days.  As far as I know, all of them turned out to be fireworks related to the Chinese New Year (or a building demolition).

Mary also caught a glimpse of the main protest leader this evening on her way home from work.  This was not intentional, and neither of us would recommend a foreigner to go anywhere near Suthep Thaugsuban right now.  Anyway, here's the picture near her school.  Suthep can be seen on screen, and also in the red shirt on stage in the background (the red is for Chinese New Year).

I've read the opinions of quite a few political analysts the last few days. There are all sorts of ideas for how the current political chess match might play out over the coming days, weeks, and months.  Sadly not one of them is predicting a quick and peaceful resolution to things.  I have my own predictions, but you'll have to email me privately to get those.

The links below provide some interesting and informative analysis.  I certainly learned a few things reading these.

First, the background on the current conflict that (as far as I have seen ) has not been well reported by western media.  This is written by a Harvard trained political analyst who has been living in Thailand for 45 years.  It's long, but it's worth the 20 minutes it will take to read.

The next article makes some predictions.  It's a dry read, and I don't agree with all of it, but it is informative. Budget another 20 minutes for this one.

If you're to busy too read these, sorry it's supper time in Thailand, so I'm not going to summarize them.  Also, I need to pack for a weekend at the beach.

I will leave you with something that made me laugh though.  Groups from both sides of the political fence have been holding candle light demonstrations supporting a non-violent approach to resolve the current political situation.  The thought is good, but in one instance the execution was just a hair off the mark.

What do you want?  Peace... Or perhaps, a new Mercedes?

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