Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel a lot like....HOME!

Greg decided to put things as he found them unpacking. He wore his straw hat, ski goggles, and headlamp for hours.

Wednesday was a big day. Greg and I both had the day off to do many important things. All of these things are helping make Bangkok feel a little bit more like home.

1st) I was picked up at 6am along with our friends Melanie and Erik to go get my driver's license. Long story short, now both Greg and I can drive here! I have yet to actually do it, but I am planning on driving to church on Sunday and then to the store.

2nd) Our sea shipment arrive. Greg got the day off (no vacation day necessary) and was here to let the 9 movers move all the boxes in. We are in day 4 of unpacking and are hoping by Sunday to have things organized. We have realized we brought too many "things" or just have too many things in general. We already have a large pile for Second Chance Bangkok to come and pick up. There a GoodWill of the area that is connected with the same organization that I did my cooking class through.

Storage is our number one concern right now. We have a lot of books/games that were being stored in our storage closet that we really don't have a spot for. Greg's boss told us about a guy that custom makes things though and we may go to him for a TV stand as well as some matching shelves. Right now all those things are just in a pile.

It has been very nice sleeping in our bed though as well as waking up to coffee! Yum!

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  1. It sounds so amazing to think of Bangkok as HOME! Glad your things finally came. That definitely helps with feeling settled.