Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Little Things are Sometimes the Big Things

I'm trying to get rid of my bangs, almost there!
Any female knows that right before you move you  go to your favorite place to get your hair cut and visit your favorite person for your last haircut before you leave. I did that in Hutch. No, it wasn't any place real special, but for the past two years only Lindsey at the Great Clips cut my hair. It's been about 3 months since I last saw Lindsey and I needed a haircut. I emailed Greg's bosses wife to get a suggestion. Today I went and could not be happier. For just about $20 I got the best haircut I've ever gotten, got pampered, and felt so relaxed. Milie, from LoveHairPro, even made my hair the smoothest I think it's ever been. It's even stayed that way all day in the humidity. Here's some self shots of my new do (not that new looking, but feels so good), plus you can see our kitchen. I'm sorry if this entry was boring to you, but when you move to a big new city the little things like figuring out where you're going to get your haircut for the next few years feels like a big thing. Plus, it's just another step in making your new home feel home. Again, I think the females reading can relate:-)
It lays so nicely!
Just the haircut took about 45 minutes, she got everything just right until she was satisfied.
Did I mention getting my hair washed took about 30 min? It was part washing part head/neck massage!


  1. I'll cut your hair for $5. You'll have to wash it yourself though.

  2. Mary, I understand, and I'm super jealous of the deal you got! Sounds wonderful. And your hair does look really great!