Sunday, October 3, 2010


Many have asked me, "How is school going?" It's going really well actually. Going from middle school to kindergarten has been easier than I expected. There are many similarities and some things that I just feel blessed about. For starters, I only have 10 kids in my class and 1 assistant. We can do lots of things. My assistant, Ms. Pu is also great. She gets things ready without me asking, makes my bulletin boards look fantastic, and works well with the kids on top of it. The kids are also very cute, smart, and for the most part nice. Most have nannies and drivers, but overall they are just kids. They like to play, learn, and they still like to give their teachers hugs!

This past week at school was safety week. We did all sort of special activities and role-plays. We made a pretend BTS (the sky train here in Bangkok) to practice getting on and off the train. We taught the little (2 year olds) how to be safe on the school slide. We also learned about fire safety from the local fire fighters. When they came, they even brought the fire truck with the ladder. Ms. Pu did a good job translating for us as the man speaking only spoke Thai.

At the end of the presentation that included things such as lighting propane on fire to show that it flammable and using a fire extinguisher, they had one last thing to show us. One of the men was dressed up as Spiderman and came jumping out of the truck! By this time we already had quite of few kids crying and scared and this just added to the number. For those kids not crying, they got to go up around 15ft. in the air with spider man in the ladder's bucket. I don't think this would ever be allowed in the US, but my entire class actually went up. It was quite the experience for all!

Some kids going up in the ladder. Here they were only about half way up! Don't worry moms and dads Spiderman was with them!
His costume was very authentic. It did not leave much to the imagination. My boss was a little uneasy about this...

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