Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our First Pancake Day

Last Monday we went to our first Pancake Day celebration. It's a celebration held on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, but for the group gathering Mondays worked out better.

We were invited by our friends James and Sarah, it was held where their small group from church usually meets. If you remember reading about the Christmas party (scroll to the bottom) we attended with my mom the day after Christmas, the one where we did Christmas Crackers, it was held at the same place.
James, Greg, myself, and Sarah

We assumed that we'd be eating pancakes, but had no idea why so before going, I read all about Pancake Day/ Shrove Tuesday on Wikipedia.  While we did not have any pancake races, we did enjoy many delicious pancakes. We even discovered a new topping: lemon juice and sugar!

James and his pancake. Toppings at the table included everything from Nutella, strawberries, blueberries, maple syrup, whip cream, lemon juice and sugar, and fresh pineapple!
I was surprised to learn that for our hosts, Chris and Jacci, this was not their first Pancake Day celebration. When I asked Chris who grew up in North Carolina about it he commented, "Well, you know I grew up Methodist so I celebrated Pancake Day." Well I grew up Methodist and I didn't celebrate! Evidently Christians in Canada, the UK, Australia, AND parts of the US do celebrate this day each year as part of their Lenten calendars.

Overall, we decided we love Pancake Day. Next year and for many years after, no matter where we live, we plan on participating again!

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