Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Epic Journey Contines

With my dad spending only 5 days here in Thailand, he didn't have time to finish his blogging. He recently finished up his notes, and it took me a few days for me to add the photograph, so finally here they are for all of you to enjoy! ~Mary

Tuesday March 14th

Life in Thailand begins…Tour Guide Mary had 9 planned stops…we made 8. Highlights of our day for me was first of all marveling at Mary’s comfort with transportation…subways, sky trains, water taxis and of course the Thai taxi.

We took in lots of Buddha’s…reclining and otherwise….lots of street vendors…a few animals and two great stops; one at the Museum of Siam, (click for link) an archaeological and anthropological look at Thailand and a first for Mary. We also stopped at the Jim Thompson House. (click to link) Jim Thompson was an American who revived the silk industry in Thailand.  A long busy, action-packed day ended with a swim in the pool…a quick snooze…and supper with their friends Eric and Melanie.
Our first stop of the day, Lumpini Park

Mary brought her camera too, so we were both tourists for the day.
The first monitor lizard we saw in the park.

An action shot!

Pretty statue, "A Mother's Love"

A very old looking lizard

At Lumpini Park, Statue of King Rama VI

On the River Taxi

The Reclining Buddha, Wat Po
Museum of Siam


Lotus Flowers at Jim Thompson

Outside Jim Thompson house Museum

Wednesday March 15th
As tour guide Pam puts it…this is the VERY best Buddha in all of Thailand! This is something Mary and I heard lots of during our toured with tour guide Pam. She shared lots of history, took us to the flower market, the Emperor’s palace and Vimanmek the world's largest golden teakwood mansion. What I learned today was that the King in Thailand is personal, "My King," said Pam whenever she referred to the reigning king, King Rama IX. I also learned that King Rama VII did a lot for the country pushing it toward free elections and a constitutional monarchy. Real Thai food lunch and street food snack. Great Day in Thailand!!! And a cool day, I wore black pants the whole day!

Roses at the flower market. One bunch (about 50 long stem roses) will put you back around $3.30

Beautiful Orchids

A river taxi going up and down the river (this is the kind we rode the day before) The orange flags mean it is an express boat.

Wat Arun/ Temple of the Dawn

Wat Arun

A street snack, fresh and hot rice/coconut dumpling. 

The Grand Palace!

Wat Phra Kaew/ Temple of the Emerald Buddha this is inside the Grand Palace.

Pam and I by some gold!

Doors leading into Wat Phra Kaew, that's all mother of pearl

More at the Grand Palace

By a guard

By the main building
The Golden Teakwood Mansion

Suan Si Ruedo Residential Hall Museum, lots of pretty things inside that were given as gifts to the King and Queen It felt very European with paintings high on the ceilings. 

It was very busy first two days of seeing Bangkok. I was very grateful that the next day's plans didn't include much. An Epic Journey Ends is next!

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