Monday, June 20, 2011

Small World

Today at school one of the new teachers  who will start in August came in to introduce herself, have a look around, and if she was like me on my first day at Mulberry House, get a bit overwhelmed. When she came by the Rabbit Room I introduced myself and that's when I realized what I small world we live in.... Here's what I found out.

Her name: Mary (same as me!)
Where she grew up: Minnesota (Eden Prairie to be specific which is a suburb of the Twin Cities about an hour from where Greg and I moved)
Her boyfriend who was with her today: She met him at Iowa State University (I attended The University of Iowa, Iowa State's rival!)
He's from Nevada, Iowa ( I do where it is) and is currently in Thailand working for the Peace Corp.
Her previous teaching experience: Lisbon, Iowa while living more towards Mt. Vernon and Marion (I grew up my whole life in Marion)

Talk about a small world...


  1. How fun! I'll bet she feels more at home already!

  2. Wow, it really is a small world! I bet she was pretty excited to meet you too!