Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Morning with Mary

This week is my first week of summer vacation. My school year ended with a great program and it was sad to see the Rabbit Class go.  Monday was spent updating my visa out at immigration. It is a whole day process, but luckily our school secretary helps and gets all the paper work in order. I can now live here for 1 more year and feel free to travel around when I feel necessary!

Today and yesterday morning I started my day with a walk through Lumpini Park. I joined the hundreds of people who go there every morning for their exercise or just to meet with friends. Most of the people look retirement age, although you do see groups of moms with strollers and younger people too. Runners, walkers, groups and individuals practicing martial arts, groups enjoying breakfast, groups chanting, individuals selling lottery tickets to the locals. I've never had the chance to visit Lumpini in the AM, but I love it. Less tourists, more locals. A good sweat to start your day in a peaceful place in the middle of a big city. I'll go again tomorrow.

I'm not great at taking photos but, here are some from my walk today. I took some from a distance, so I'll make them big for you to see.

Group Tai Chi. So Peaceful to watch

I didn't get the name of this statue, but I think the group sitting by it picked a nice spot  to  enjoy the morning.

man by himself doing tai chi

"Unity, Growth, & Peace"

A place to keep out of the sun or rain

of course I saw some giant lizards 

Chinese Pagoda. There were people doing Tai Chi right by where I took this photo, I wanted to get both, but felt a little funny taking their picture so close to them...

"A Mother's Love" This is one of my favorite statues in Lumpini. If  I have a baby (most likely not going to happen) here in Bangkok I want to get my photo take near this statue pregnant.

Guess the name of this statue before you keep reading...... 

"Women in the Next Three Decades"

A view from the rear... No need to enlarge, you get the idea

Pretty ground, so peaceful and on the other side of the fence is 6+ lanes of busy traffic.

"Elderly Center" You could hear laughter from inside.

Group doing what looks like Tai Chi, but with these pretty fans.
Women doing some type of martial art with long pole

Lumpini's Spirit House: Pretty


  1. Looks like fun. I wish I got to have mornings with Mary.

  2. I remember that park in the morning. I'm glad you got to enjoy it, Mary (and I wish Greg could go there with you).

  3. Maybe we can all go on David's and my last morning in Bangkok!