Thursday, June 2, 2011

This last weekend we experienced something new in Thailand for the first time in nine months.


No taxis, no motorbikes, no busses, no trains, no people, no dogs, no blaring music. Even the wind was calm so that there were hardly any waves lapping against the shore. Welcome to the of Koh Chang.

The six hour trip to Koh Chang makes it just far enough away that it is not a popular weekend getaway for folks from Bangkok, but Mary’s four day weekend from school made for the perfect time to travel a bit farther.

Things were looking dreary on the ferry from the mainland.

The roads on the island are like a roller coaster (minus any safety features of course)

Soon the sun would come out and paradise would appear! This is the view from the porch of our private bungalow.

We found amazing seafood for dinner on the pier in the bay. It was also a great spot to watch the sunset. You could even watch the fish swim by below your feet while you ate!

The resort had sea kayaks that you could use to explore the area.

This was a very welcome sight when you’re used to the crowded beaches closer to Bangkok

Bang Ban Bao is a town built entirely along a pier into the bay.


This is the view at breakfast.

More time at the beach.

Our friend Tara came with us for the weekend. Greg and Tara are enjoying lunch at the local beach bar.

Before we headed back to Bangkok we explored the other side of the island. Not much for beaches, but there are a few quiet fishing villages and plenty of jungle.

We were sad to leave and already want to go back!


  1. Except for the part where you go to work, you two are on what appears to be an extended honeymoon! Gorgeous!

  2. I'm glad to see you are doing the required reconnaissance to properly prepare for where you should take us on our next visit!