Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Feeling Offical

On Friday I sent home a letter with my students' reports about leaving. Now it feels official. Everyone knows now.  Eric has returned to help Melanie get packed up and they leave for good in on December 7th.  Yikes, that's so soon.

Right now I am preparing for the last few weeks of school and researching Eau Claire, WI. One nice thing about it is its location.  After skyping with my family on Thanksgiving I've been missing people lots. Knowing we will be spending weekends with family and friends soon will help me step onto the plane in about a month to head back.  More on good things of Eau Claire soon...

Our new car. 1990 Geo Prism, 48,000 miles when Greg bought it, no rust, no damage, runs like a new Toyota Corolla .  So ancient it doesn't even have a tape player. Looks old yet works like new. Maybe you'll get to see it in person if we use it to come visit you!

EC to Cedar Rapids 5:06

EC to Madison: 3:14

EC to Twin Cities: 1:43

EC to Des Moines: 5: 17

EC to Atkins Lake (heaven on Earth): 2:53

EC to Sheboygan: 4:28

EC to Oak Park: 5:43

EC to Hutchinson: 3:03

EC to Duluth: 2:46

EC to Grand Rapids: 8:44

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