Sunday, November 20, 2011

School Celebrations

One of the things I've enjoyed most about teaching internationally is the celebrations. While schools in the US have strayed away from celebrating holidays, our school embraces them all! We celebrate Thai Holidays, Western Holidays, Christian Holidays, and Buddhist Holidays. Everyone participates as well. This year I have families from all over the world. My students are made up of the following nationalities.

  • Thai/American 
  • Filipino/British 
  • Filipino
  • French 
  • Chinese
  • Thai/Japanese
  • British 
  • American
  • Georgian (the country)/ British 
  • Syrian 
  • Thai

It's amazing to see their awareness for the world around them, cultures that are so different from their own, languages, and the acceptance and respect they have for diversity at such a young age. I think having all of these days to experience the holiday helps them develop these important life long skills.

Two weeks ago at school we celebrated Halloween and Loy Krathong. While I wish we were planning a Thanksgiving celebration like the US, I'm really looking forward to Christmas. We'll have a big program with songs and family fun!

When we celebrated Halloween everyone arrived in their costumes ready for a fun day! Before going trick-or-treating at the business next door I had a student ask, "We are going trick-or-treating?" I answered, "Yes" she replied, "WOW! Just like the storybooks!" It was the highlight of my day to make the story book story come true!

Loy Krathong (literally means floating boat) was another great day. Many parts of Thailand did not celebrate the holiday this year that pays tribute to the water goddess. Celebrations did take place in designated spots in around Bangkok and I crawled into bed on Thursday 10th October I could see the krathongs floating in Benjakitti Park. Our school festivities included Thai costumes, a parade with the Loy Krathong song, and of course floating our krathongs.

Here's some photos to these celebrations to see for yourself how the Rabbit Class celebrated....

Friends :-)

Playing on the playground.

Does the US have Ben Ten? This is a character from that show.

Trick or Treat!

Not the best picture, but here's my class by our Halloween board in the computer room.

Jumping for Donuts! No hands!

Face Painting Room

Walking like Frankenstein!

Welcome to school!

Loy Krathong is a family event!

My assistant Ms. Pu 

Ms. Pu, Ms. Caiti, Ms.Oh, Me, and Ms. Mary

Waiting to "Loy Krathong"

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  1. I love the idea of celebrating TONS of holidays instead of none... It would make for a great Social studies world curriculum!!