Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Solo Trip: เชียงใหม่

*Here is the first of many blog posts to come to keep everyone update on life (at least my life) in Bangkok. 

On October 18th Greg left to go back to the United States for work and I thought I would be going back to work as well. I did return to work for 2 days, but with the floods threatening Bangkok my school along with all others in the province were ordered closed by the Ministry of Education.. Along with my friend Melanie, who has also been husbandless for the pass month, we choose to stay in BKK. Besides for the constant anxiety, it was a great decision. Empty roads, blue skies, and most importantly no flooding in downtown.

After a week of being home though, I needed to go somewhere. I went to the train station to book my trip to Chiang Mai. Ironically, I wasn't allowed to book train tickets, but did get a bus ticket to go up and air tickets to come back for pretty cheap. Found a $15USD per night guest house with great reviews online and I was ready.

My trip was really great. I  slept, read, ate some yummy food, got pampered, and saw God's beautiful world.  Here's a photo journey of my trip. For all my photos you could click here, just remember these were not taken or were edited by Greg so have low expectations! 

My classy ride up north.

My first breakfast.

Beautiful Wat Phra Sing

I stayed at Wat Chediluang  for around an hour just watching the monks, reading , and  resting. So peaceful

One of the oldest temples in the Old City, Wat Chiang Mai,  was right behind my guest house. The main gate a 5 minute walk away.

Chinese lanterns were part of the Loy Krathong decorations. 

My trekking trip stop #1: Orchid Farm

#2: Karen Longneck Village

#4: 1 hour hike to waterfall. (#3 was elephants)

#5 White water rafting with my trekking tour. Right after this picture was taken we saw the 2 wild elephants in the jungle. AMAZING.

#6: Short journey on local bamboo raft. It was cold!
#7: I was asleep by 8pm! This was my great room. Air-Con, cable TV, warm shower and really lovely staff that helped me get all my touring organized. Definitely recommend Junior House!

Tiger Kingdom!

I was a little nervous to touch it's paw because I remember my cat Fluffy used to bit me if I did this...

It was a great trip, the only way it would have been better is if Greg would have been there too.


  1. Hi Mary!
    Looks like you had a great time, even if you missed Greg. That bus is pretty epic though! It looks like a house on wheels painted to look like a movie trailer! Did the inside have private movie theaters and plush sofas? Cause thats what it looks like! Hope you continue to stay safe and dry. My choir and I are praying for you and Greg each week!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I hope we get to travel there when we move over