Friday, August 9, 2013

An American Dive Bar in Thailand

True or  False: The picture taken this week.  The answer is.... true! After reading about it on Coconuts Bangkok, we headed over to Fatty's Bar and Diner to check out their American food. It's only about a 5 minute walk from our hotel and in a direction we hadn't explored.

Turns out the owner is from Door County Wisconsin and has recreated an American dive bar here in Bangkok. We think he's done a pretty good job! We especially liked the Wisconsin State Flag hanging over the bar. With menu items like nachos with real Wisconsin cheddar, hot dogs, Wisconsin brats, and grilled burgers- we know we'll be back when we are really wanting a taste from home. The only thing missing was the craft beers on tap.

Hard to see, but some unique menu descriptions include the Italian Dog, "and a sprinkle of Elf Dust". and The Jack the Ripper Dog is "A bacon wrapped dog deep friend to crispy awesomeness." You can also substitute any hot dog for a brat! Where else in Bangkok can you do that?!?!?

Last time we arrived in Bangkok (2010) we went about a month before indulging in some "American" food. We weren't craving anything American the other night, it was just knowing that it was so close... we had to go.  We shared the poppers, Greg had a brat smothered in lots of good things and I had a burger. My pick for the best food item: Jalapeno poppers. Greg's pick: homemade oil & vinegar based coleslaw.

For the past two weeks we have definitely been enjoying the food this city has to offer. Lot of Thai of course (street food and restaurants), but we've also had sushi a few times, Chinese noodles, a Swiss breakfast (crepes), and of course Lebanese! We look forward to many scrumptious meals to come!

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