Monday, August 26, 2013

Where to find and air mattress in Bangkok

When we found out we were moving back to Bangkok we said we wanted to try something different.  We absolutely loved the place we lived in 2010 and 2011, but why not try something different?  Actually, it turns out there are a few reasons not to try something different.

1. The price
2. The view
3. The pool
4. The neighborhood
5. Proximity to the expressway and subway
6. All our things will fit perfectly (more on that later)

So, in absolute contradiction to our initial goal of trying something different, this last weekend we moved back into the same place we lived before.  Not just the same building, but the same unit, same landlord, same mailbox, parking space, etc.  It turns out the place has been vacant for the last 20 months, and the reasonable rent (for central BKK anyway) is now even more reasonable.  While settling in we've even had a few "oh that's where we left this" moments, with items we apparently left behind.

We really did look for another place.  In fact we looked at about 20 other properties.  But in the end we didn't see anything that we liked as much as our old "home".  So we're back at the Amanta Lumpini, and enjoying the view.

We have also leased a car so that I (Greg) can drive to work each day.  It also works for bringing us to the beach (pictured below).  It's the black 2005 Honda City.  Since many of the people reading this are in the U.S. and have never heard of the Honda City, it's like a Honda Civic, but smaller.  It's not sold in the states.

The beach we visited was Jomtien, about 2 hours from Bangkok.  The place we have normally stayed here was booked so we tried the "Jomtien Boathouse".  It offered a great view of the sunset from our balcony and the beach was right across the street.

Getting back to the title of this blog...

We are shipping our things over from the U.S. and have not received anything yet. We have an air shipment and a sea shipment, but even the air shipment hasn't cleared Thai customs yet.  There's a whole long story behind that, but in short things sometimes just take longer than expected in Thailand.  Since we are bringing household goods from the U.S. we have an unfurnished condo.  Our air shipment contains an air mattress, but delays resulted in us moving into our condo this weekend with little more than a suitcase each.  We know all of our things will fit perfectly here, since we bought many of them in Thailand, 3 years ago, for the exact same condo.  But for now, we are in a very empty place.

We needed something to sleep on.  I thought buying another air mattress would be a quick and easy solution.  Wrong.  I explained the air mattress concept to a number of Thai friends.  For the most part they all agree this is a great idea, and one they've never heard of before.  A google search on the topic led me to a blog post by another sleepless American who did eventually find an air mattress in Thailand.  They can be found in Thailand!  Apparently when the shipment arrived, the department store employees must have been confused as to what it was.  If you need an air mattress in Bangkok, look near the inflatable pool toys in the sporting goods section of the Paragon Department store.  I even found one that two people can float on.


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