Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Settling In

School has started. We've secured a lease on a car. We've signed our rental contract for our condo.... we feel like we are settling in, yet far from establishing a routine. Example: Blogging. We want to make it a part of our regular routine, but we just haven't done that yet. Give us 1 more month and we'll see...

A look inside my room. Minutes before they all arrived... so peaceful!

Life in the Echidna (eh-kid-na) Room at The Australian International School is going well. I have met 9 of my 10 students, the tenth returns from a holiday in Japan next week. As we begin to establish our routines, I have remembered how much I enjoy teaching in an international school setting. Two reasons that come right to mind are low class sizes and families from all over the world. Here are where the kids come from in my room:


 (Native English Speakers-1)

Another thing I am really enjoying about my classroom is the Mimio interactive whiteboard. My classroom is the only room at the school with one and I'm trying to make the most of it. Thank goodness for Pinterest and websites that teachers can share already made files! 

Greg should be home any minute and we'll need to grab some dinner before he has his Tuesday conference call. Next post: Our Anniversary Trip to the beach!

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