Sunday, March 23, 2014


I've posted a lot on the protests here recently.  They're still going on, it's dangerous sometimes, blah, blah, blah.  Enough said.

We had a great weekend in Bangkok!

My former college room mate was in Bangkok this weekend for work.  This is what we love about Bangkok.  Even though we are half a world away from friends and family, we get more random visitors here than we ever did in Minnesota or Wisconsin.  We had dinner with a high school friend just a few weekends ago, and now we just got to spend a weekend with a great friend of mine from college.  It was wonderful.  And yes, Lawren is still better at Settlers of Catan than me (or Mary).

This morning I got up early and took the subway up to Bang Sue to get a few pictures of a steam train excursion to Ayutthaya to celebrate the 117th anniversary of the State Railway of Thailand.  Although I would have enjoyed taking the train, we had other things to do today.  I was still able to snag a few pictures early in the morning.  If you want to see grown men behaving like little children on Christmas morning, go watch a steam train.  This applies to every country in which I have ever seen a steam train.

The early morning steam train worked out well, and I was home in time to find Mary getting out of bed.  We had plenty of time to get ready for morning church.  We typically attend church in the evening, but Mary had plans to work on a group project for grad school tonight, so morning church it was.  We were glad we attended, as we discovered it was the last week one of our friends would be in church before moving.  Beatrice is a refugee from the Congo.  She has been granted UN refugee status and is moving to Toronto next week.  We're sad to see her go, but also very excited for her!

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