Monday, March 3, 2014

The Evolving Protest

Mary was happy to see the Asok intersection near her school completely clear of protesters today.  This is the first time the intersection has been fully opened for traffic in almost two months.  Mary gets off the subway here each day and walks about ten minutes to her school.  You can also see our condo building on the skyline at the top near the center of the picture.  (Picture from twitter @quandrew).

This is what things looked like at the Asok intersection a few weeks ago.

With the protests moved to Lumpini Park just down the street from us, a number of new military security checkpoints have appeared, including one right next to the entrance to our condo.

Only one minor incident reported today.  Two grenades were thrown outside the criminal court on the north side of central Bangkok.  Only one exploded and nobody was injured.

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