Sunday, March 2, 2014


Bangkok is a fun city to live in, but sometimes it seems the best part is how easy it is to get out of the city to beautiful mountains, beaches, and jungles.

This weekend we drove about 3 hours outside of Bangkok to Petchaburi province with some of my Thai and US coworkers.  We stayed at a resort along the Petchaburi river, went rafting down the river, swimming, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the edge of Kaeng Krachang National Park.  We even sang a little Karaoke at night.  An all around good time.

A brief update on the continuing political unrest here:
There have been a number of violent attacks over the last week at anti government protests in Bangkok, including a grenade attack that killed two young children last Sunday.  The children were leaving a grocery store with their father and had nothing to do with the protests.  There was also quite a bit of fighting on Tuesday night just down our street (Rama IV) near the Lumpini protest sight.  A number of people were injured by grenades and gunfire, but nobody was killed.

Starting today, all the protest sites in central Bangkok are consolidating into a single site at Lumpini Park.  This should help traffic patterns return to normal, and we're thankful that Mary will no longer pass by a protest site on here way to and from work each day.  We will be keeping a close watch on how things go at Lumpini though as this is only a 10 minute walk from our condo.

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