Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting Settled

The entrance to my school. More pictures of inside coming soon.

We arrived in Bangkok late last Friday and have been getting more and more settled everyday. Our first night was spent at the airport hotel, but then we have been in our temporary housing since Saturday afternoon. Besides for only luke warm showers, it has met our needs thus far.

On Sunday we spent a day exploring, including getting some errands run. Greg has a work phone to use, but we bought me one at the large Pantip Complex. It turns out I bought a knock-off iPhone. We are aren't sure if it will be my permanent phone or if I will upgrade and get a not so cheap phone that I can rely on. Whatever the case, I will keep my SIM card and keep my phone number. We also did some grocery shopping and found out that making spaghetti with Prego Sauce will run us about the same as ordering room service for dinner. Tonight we are having street food :-)

Work is going well for both of us. Greg's commute to work is taking longer than expected, while the journey home is about an hour. Right now HTI has arranged a driver for him. He leaves around 6:30 to return around 6pm. It is a long day, but at least he can spend 2+ hours in the car unwinding or continuing to work.

My work is going well. I have been given my curriculum and expectations for teaching. I have met my assistant, Ms. Pu, and begun getting my classroom ready for the school year. Right now I will have only 11 students. I have met my other co-workers Ms. Tracy and Ms. Katie who are respectfully from Britain and New Zealand.

Ok, that's a short update. On Thursday I will try to post more. Both Greg and I have off that day, in honour (practicing my British spelling) of the Queen's Birthday. It is Mother's Day!

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