Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Bye Hutch

This week as been a blur. We still don't think it's a real deal, but the truth is tomorrow we are leaving the country and moving to Thailand.

We realize that in the past months, weeks, and days we haven't had a chance to see and talk to everyone that reads this blog. We apologize if you are one of those people. While sometimes the world seems small, it also is so big and lives are busy. We hope you understand.

If you've wondered how everything went this week, here's a glimpse....
MONDAY: As the mover's packed we tried not to be in the way. Greg played SimCity on the computer and I read on my Kindle. They packed the couches last.

They made staging area on the deck. It was a hot day out so we provided some Gatorade!

TUESDAY: The cleaning started. The last thing we did was shampoo the carpets. Our friend, Brooke, let us borrow her shampooer!
The final product: One clean apartment!

One final picture. Just as we are leaving town, our friends Brooke and Andy got a new puppy. He's so cute that I had to post a picture. Here is Croix Thrall :-)

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