Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

This is the building we'll be moving in
to next weekend!!!!
Last week was Greg and I's 3rd Anniversary. Hard to believe that it has already been that long. To celebrate we decided that we should make spaghetti, get a bottle of wine, experience our first Thai massages and then go out to lunch at the tallest building in Bangkok.

We had our dinner at home on the 18th, received the massages last Saturday, and went to lunch on Sunday. It was a great way to celebrate. The wine tasted fabulous and Greg even picked up some flowers for me.
Our $17 (including tip) 2-hour long massages left me a little sore, but feeling refreshed. The lunch atop the Baiyoke Tower wasn't actually that good, but the views were amazing. (pictures above)

This weekend we have no plans and that is good.

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