Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Saturday in Bangkok...

After a week (well 4 days) of work we were looking forward to spending our first weekend in Bangkok.

For me, my weekend started off just as early as the work week, when I headed to the clinic for a physical. I needed to get a "Record of Good Health" for my work visa application. After navigating the BTS in the early hours. I located the hospital, registered as a new patient, completed my appointment, and returned home by 9:00am. The hospital/clinic I went to was called Bumrungrad International and I was very impressed. My appointment set us back about $15 total, not bad!

After breakfast, Greg and I were picked up by our Thai Properties agent, Jan to go and look at a few places in the Amanta Lumpini building. We looked at a few and have our top 2 picked out. Here are some pictures of our top choice. Please keep in mind that we will have our own furniture, although we will keep the bed for the extra bedroom and TV :-) Also, the bathrooms will receive window coverings, the kitchen will have all appliances and we have asked for black out shades in both bedrooms. I'm especially fond of the Electrolux Washer and Dryer. Finally, a washer and dryer in our own place!
This is front the entry way into the large room where we'd put our table, couch and love seat.
This is taken from the windows looking back toward the entry way (which will fit our hutch) and includes a half bath. I'm opening the closet to...... The Washer and Dryer!!!
Above is the view of master bedroom, right off of main room. Next picture is taken from by the windows. There is a spot for a desk in here, a large walk in closet, and a large bathroom (curtain needed)
Next is a few taken from the extra bathroom. A closet will be added in here. If you come and visit us you can use the bathroom with this amazing view!!!

This condo is our first choice, so Jan is negotiating for us to see if we can get what we want and still keep the price the same. We will let everyone know when we have a deal made!

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