Monday, September 27, 2010

What We Eat

We have honestly only cooked 1 dinner while we have been here in Thailand. August 18th we made spaghetti for our anniversary. Yes we have had meals of just fruit, but other than that we go out to a restaurant or buy from the street. Why? It's cheaper and it's easier. Most nights our street dinners cost less than $3 total. Restaurants are more, but usually run us between $10-$15.

We do spend money on buying milk that we can drink. Milk here is made from water buffalo and has a funny taste. We buy milk from a special store called, Umm! Milk We usually use one container per meal, costing us a little over $1.

For a week I tried to take pictures of what we ate from the street. Here are those pictures:
Meal: Sticky rice, sweet corn, and delicious rice/pork brats. Greg doesn't care for these, but I love them. He probably had grilled chicken wings instead. Here you can see our Umm! Milk.
Dessert: We often eat yummy guava. This is a mix between an apple and a pear. YUM!
Broccoli Stir fry and steamed rice. This is Greg's meal, complete with the local Chang beer.
My meal was a veggie stir complete with a different local beer, Leo. Quite often I'll get one thing for me and one thing for Greg, that's the joy of street food.
Another night, another stir fry. This was fried pork with beans and peppers served on steamed rice. We can't get enough of the sweet corn!

Sticky rice, corn and grilled chicken make this meal complete.

So, when Greg gets home. I usually go the street. In about 15 minutes we have dinner on the table.

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