Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 Things in 4 Hours in Bangkok

Today we had a pretty lazy Sunday. Walked to the Tesco Lotus (Wal-Mart of Thailand) Express (small version) to get  few items and then researched Hong Kong online to plan for our trip over new years. Yes, we booked our trip! At 4:30 this afternoon we left for the evening and here are some things we saw/heard/encountered.

1) We went to the International Street Fair.

2) Thanks to the great networking of Melanie, met a few other Americans living here in Bangkok. (People she met though blogging and people whose blogs I read including Megan who writes the hilarious and truthfully honest blog  Bangkok Reality Smackdown. )
3) Saw protesters

4) Police with shields showed up, so we decided to get out.

5) Saw/heard a cowboy from Louisiana in Beirut while eating dinner. (Beirut is a Lebanese Restaurant we LOVE)

6) Went to church and prayed for a lady from Zambia whose brother, witnesses say, was ate by a crocodile and whose body has not be recovered.

7) Realized two of our friends, Kent (whose Grandma lives in Orange City, Iowa) and Smitha (we learned is from Kuwait) will be going to Hong Kong right before we go.

8) Paid our money to go Christmas Caroling on the large river through Bangkok next week.

9) Saw a black lizard

10) Met a neighbor from the 24th floor named Arleene on the elevator back home.

Yes, this all happend in just 4 hours. The red and green colors are being used to help you and me get into the Christmas Spirit!

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