Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FWM&G (fun with Mary and Greg!) or ZIPPING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS!!

My mom wrote this last night, her last night here. The internet wasn't wanting to cooperate though, so I'm posting it now. She should be on her way to Tokyo now, next to Dallas, and finally in about 24 hours arrive back in Iowa. We are headed to Hong Kong later today to celebrate new years. Happy 2011! Now some words (I added the pictures) from my mom....

Greetings from Bangkok.  As my time here with Mary and Greg comes to a close, I’d like to add a bit to their blog.  This has been a very exciting visit.  If you are thinking at all about visiting Mary and Greg, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  They would love to have you!!
The Thai culture is “so different” (ask Mary and Greg how often I made that statement these past days!) and I have learned so much and have a list of things I want to learn more about----like why is their year 2553 and ours is 2010 and how exactly is a salt field maintained and operated  (we saw many on our remote train trip) and after visiting the Grand Palace and many temples, I would like to find out more about the Buddhist religion.

Wat Yai Chaya Mongkok in Ayudhaya

Grand Palace

I visited many places, saw so many sights, tasted so many good foods, smelled so many different smells on the streets, and met many of Mary and Greg’s new friends!!!!.    As far as adventure, zip lining on Christmas Day was probably one of the most spectacular highlights of the trip.  What fun and oh my, what beauty.  Three hours of flying high above the jungle was incredible!!!!
Flight of the Gibbon Zip-Line

Tonight I pack for home.  Leave the 90 degree weather and return to cold and snow.  It is a bitter sweet ending.  I loved every minute of this trip and I loved spending time with my daughter and her husband, they were such gracious hosts.  I love them a lot and  I will miss them so very much, BUT it will also be nice to be back home.  So,  SAWATDEE KAA 

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