Thursday, December 23, 2010

FWM: Fun with Mom

My mom arrived last week Thursday. After missing a flight in Tokyo, she flew in 24 hours past her expected arrival time. The time in Tokyo has proven to help her jet-lag. We've been busy every day since her arrival and she's been doing just fine with the time change. Here are some pictures and the highlights of each day.

Friday 17th December- We spent the day in Ayutthaya where Greg works. It included a tour of his plant, visits to 2 old temple ruins, a floating market, getting caught in an elephant traffic jam, and Greg's work end of the year party. Our driver Pok is from here, so he was more than happy to take us (mom, me and Melanie) around for the day. 
HTO: Where Greg drives to work every day.
Our first temple of the day. 
This temple you could still walk up into. Melanie and I made the trek up the worn down bricks. 
Floating Market
There is an old Buddha Head in the tree. 
Traffic Jam!
There is always lots of food at any Thai gathering.

Saturday 18th December- We went to Ocean World and then went Christmas caroling on the river with our church.

The shark tank was really cool!
We even got a song book when we went caroling! 
We had a big boat for caroling, it held the 120 people that came nicely.
Views from the boat.

A view from the front. 

Sunday 19th December- Weekend Market, Night Church

Monday 20th December- Jim Thompson House, MBK Mall

Pictures were only allowed outside.
There we beautiful flowers everywhere.

Tuesday 21st December - Train Trip (same on that we blogged about before) to MaeKlong

After our first train ride, we ate lunch in Mahachai. After lunch we'd take the ferry below across the river to find our next train. 

Yes Mom, a train will come down these tracks to pick us up.

Enjoying the open air-train ride!

We enjoyed about 40 minutes in MaeKlong.

On our way back through Mahachai, mom fed an elephant.

Wednesday 22 December- Visit to Mary's School, Street Shopping

The new facade outside my school now features kids from my classroom!

Bangkok traffic at its finest.

On the street.

We'll try to post on more early next week. My mom has 5 more days here before she heads home. 

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  1. Looks like you guys are enjoying the time together. The kids and I are dying to see zip lining pictures!!! Merry Christmas.