Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week we celebrated our first major American holiday from abroad, Thanksgiving.  I had my students at school create a Happy Thanksgiving sign, but with only 1 other American family as school they were wondering why we were making turkeys!

My official celebrating started on Thursday right after school. Our friends Melanie and Eric who have an oven graciously let me join Melanie while baking pumpkin bars.  We actually still have some remaining about a week later.

The baking in action while listening to Minnesota NPR's The Current. It felt just like home, except the fact we had the air conditioning on!
Enjoying a bar and a cup of coffee on Sunday morning. Yum!
On Thursday night we ate dinner with some friends from our church at a hotel buffet. We had turkey, smoked salmon, wonderful cheese, and great desserts. 
Chris and Allyson

Greg and I. We didn't get a picture of Chris!

On Friday morning we woke up early for a skype call to the Schuett Family Thanksgiving taking place in Edwardsville, IL this year. They were just winding down after the big meal and enjoying a glass of wine as we were sipping our cups of coffee. It was great to see everyone

This past Sunday we were invited to our second Thanksgiving Feast of the week and headed out to the Nichada area where the International School of Bangkok is located. Many of the ex-pats here have kids to attend ISB and live in townhouses that have a great area for pool parties/potlucks. Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like a pool party, right? Nonetheless, it was great to see people and celebrate everything we have thankful for in our lives.  We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving :-)
We had a lot of desserts! They got their own table.
The spread was incredible. Potlucks are the best!
Even with the long lines, the food did not run out!

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  1. Mary--I'm pretty sure I know your friend Allyson from my Thai school in BKK! Small world...