Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Epic Journey Comes to the End

Another entry from my dad!

Thursday March 17th... A day of much needed rest spent at Mary and Greg's home. I was there to meet their landlord and also watch as their condo was sprayed for bugs and their air conditioners (3 total, one in each living space) were cleaned. Mary said it was the coldest day her assistant can remember ever in Bangkok (it was in the 60's all day) and it was nice to have the windows open while the workers where there cleaning, but it almost was a little chilly! Yes, chilly in Bangkok!

Friday March 18th…International Day at Mulberry House School

Here is where I was introduced to Miss Mary (Mary MacLeod) and her colleagues, Ms Pu and her Rabbit children; no not Rabid…her class is the Rabbit class!

The kicked off with a parade that the parents could stay for, then activities, snacks, lunch, recess….to me it was all like skillfully herding minnows all day long!We, Miss Mary and I were the American/USA exhibit. We had lots of flags, pins and US Navy Pens with flags on them! The craft was a statue of liberty crown and torch. The game was running with the American Football. It was a busy day, seeing all 96 kids within a few hours.
But what a great and enjoyable day…Miss Mary is a wonderful Rabbit teacher, herder and caregiver!

Ms. Katie's Room was Ireland!

Holly, in her British costume, with Ayako in her Japanese Costume

Kai running with the football

More running with the football!

The Parade!!

The board displaying where all the kids at Mary's school are from in the world
Teachers and assistants.

Saturday March 19th….My Last Day in Bangkok
Mary and I got up early and went to the Chatuchak Market, it was pretty amazing. Greg stayed home to enjoy some time along after a busy work week.  We later went to a mall for Japanese lunch that came around on boats, then on to the Aquarium and finally to the tallest building in Bangkok with a rotating upper deck. It was a day full of walking, a great last day in Bangkok.

Exploring the market
Where I bought one large bell and a small one as  a Christmas Ornament. 
Food on a boat for lunch! My first experience trying some sushi, I liked it!
Giant Crabs
Pretty Clams
Lion Fish

By the fresh water fish
Zoomed in on Mary and Greg's Condo building from Bangkok's tallest building.

A view of the city!

In Conclusion...

The earth quake and delay took away three days out of my trip…regretfully I did not see HTO (where Greg works) or Ayutthaya or elephants or the beach…maybe next time! What I did see through the guidance of Greg and Miss Mary was a wonderful snapshot of a vibrant city, a people who have a great pride in their independent culture and two young adults really making the most of their adventure in Southeast Asia!
Thanks to the Macleods for a wonderful time in your new home!
Till next time…Blessings to all, continued prayers for our Japanese friends….S

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