Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Phuket, Thailand

Our beautiful beach in Phuket
It may seem to some of you that all we do over here in Thailand is take these wonderful mini-vacations to some of the world's most beautiful places.... Well, the simple truth of the matter is that while we do visit some of the world's most beautiful beaches and exotic cities we do other things too. For example Greg regularly works 12+ hour days, we're attempting to learn the local language, and when I go out to get a few things I sweat so much I think I lost 5 pounds. If you're in the US reading this right now, you can maybe relate to the sweating thing, but we've been sweating since arriving 11 months ago. Actually, Happy 11th month anniversary in Thailand to us, today!

Wow, we've been here 11 months already! It took us 11 months to get finally get to Phuket, Thailand, one of Thailand's best known islands (pronounced Poo-ket). Yes, the same island recently visited by the current season of the United States reality show The Bachelorette. My mom told me all about it... Well, we didn't need to find love in Phuket, we brought ours with! We left Bangkok late last Thursday and returned home yesterday afternoon. We stayed on Kata Noi Beach at Katathani Resort

It was lovely. We ate good food, swam in 3 of the 6 pools or swam in the Andaman Sea/Indian Ocean while reading our books/magazines in between, got a foot massage on the beach,  had a few hours in a busier area, and called it a vacation. No, we didn't ride elephants or even snorkel, but we did relax and rejuvenate from our busy lives.  Here's some photos...

The waves were quite strong! 
We propped up the camera to get a shot of the both of us on the beach.
Sign by the elevator. 
When we arrived around mid-night on Thursday we found out our room was upgraded from a superior to a junior suite. This was our view!
Dinner at a small seafood place across the street from our  resort.
I won a free beer during the frog races. 5 frogs were kept in a basket, you had to guess which order they would get outside the circle, on the 13th round I got it!
At the beach bar happy hour. We went every night. Picture taken by John from New Zealand who we sat with a few times.  We hope he uses Greg's business card to email us because we just may want to take them up on their offer to visit them! 
Previous night at the beach bar. 
I was 2-0 for games of Boccee ball. 
We took the shuttle van into Patong Beach on our last night and had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. 
Good bye beautiful beach! Hopefully we will see you again sometime!

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