Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Martial Law

Martial law was declared this morning in Thailand.  It's unclear right now whether the interim government or the military is in charge right now.  The feeling on social media this morning is that this is going in one of two possible directions.

  1. Military coup to remove current interim government
  2. Leave the interim government in place and shut down the pro and anti government demonstrations
We'll see in the coming hours and days.

The declaration of martial law gives the military the following authority.
  • Take action against war or riots;
  • Use arms to suppress unrest;
  • Search, confiscate or occupy any premises or vehicles;
  • Censor information;
  • Block, search and control postal services;
  • Activate the military court to judge on crimes within the area under martial law;
  • Mobilize civilians to help the military;
  • Procure resources such as vehicles or logistical materials to support military operations;
  • Prohibit public gatherings, publications, broadcasting, transport, communication, travel, the movement of people or any action that the Defence Ministry deems necessary;
  • Enforce curfews;
  • Destroy, remove or adjust any premise or location for the purpose of military operations;
  • Arrest and detain suspects for a maximum of seven days.
  • People are not entitled to any compensation for damage incurred during such military operations;
  • Martial law can only be ended with a Royal Decree.
At this point the military is in control of most TV stations (although normal programming has continued), and traffic checkpoints are up all over the city.  If you thought normal Bangkok traffic is bad, try visiting today!  

Mary and I are both at work today and going about our lives as normal.  We will post updates here as they become available.

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