Saturday, July 10, 2010

Found: A Job in Thailand

The hunt is over and it has been successful. On Thursday night I had a job interview with Mulberry House International School (click to view the school website) for a kindergarten position, was offered a job, and I accepted it.

The details of the job:

Kindergarten Teacher, approximately 12 students and 1 teaching assistant

Benefits: Health/Dental Insurance and a good salary. I will be paid in Thai Baht.

Location: It's near where we will live and I will take a taxi to work or possibly the subway (called MRT) and skytrain (called BTS). It's also located in a pretty major area, very close to a skytrain, and convenient to shopping. I think I will enjoy being able to run errands after work and be home quickly!

You can click HERE to see where Mulberry House is compared to where we will be living.

Academics: This school uses British curriculum and uses a program called Jolly Phonics that I used during my student teaching days. Kindergarten is kindergarten though, we'll work on reading, basic writing skills, introductory to science, etc. Our day also includes time in the pool!

Work hours: My day will be from 8:00am- 3:00pm, students are there from 8:30am-2:00pm.

Start Date: August 9th. I will help with a week of summer school, then be a part of teacher training. School starts August 18th.

Move Date: TBD, but the first week of August

The only downside of accepting a job is that I will be in Thailand before Greg. Greg's move date is August 26th. I will be in Thailand approximately 3 weeks by myself. Right now we are looking into where I will stay for those 3 weeks. It will probably be a hotel near the school. We have not finalized any permanent housing details yet, but are still planning on living in Amanta Lumpini.

I'm nervous, but also really excited, let the adventure begin!

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