Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Note from Greg... Last Times

Lots of "this is the last time" events going on in our lives right now (or at least the last time for a while).

We had a good trip to Iowa over the weekend and got to enjoy time with friends and family (including Em and David). This was the last time seeing many people and visiting Marion for a while.

Driving down on Friday was a strange experience and will be a good way to remember Iowa for the next couple of years. With all the rain we've had in the midwest things are very green and there are more wildflowers along the roads than I've ever seen before. The highway ditches are a rainbow of colors. We also paced a large thunderstorm through northern Iowa that made for a great sunset with spectacular cloud formations and lots of lighting. The radio announcer out of Mason City even had a classic Iowa weather weatherman quote. "... this is a very dangerous storm. Besides producing multiple tornadoes there is golf ball size hail, and some very remarkable continuous lightning!" I did see a great many short bursts of electricity all around the storm, but I failed to spot the continuous lighting bolt. I must admit that would be a remarkable sight!

Sunday on our way back to Hutch we intercepted a westbound DME train in Mankato. I have a shot just west of town on railpictures. DME power and six SD40-2s in a single consist are both possible last time events. See the picture above.

At the time I didn't realize it, but this would also be the last train my Saturn would chase. It sold Tuesday night.

Mary's Saturn is hanging around a bit longer. It sold last night as well, but we reduced the price a few hundred $ in order to keep possession of it for 2 more weeks. A family going through hard times due to recent hospital layoffs in Hutch is selling a pair of trucks and acquiring our Saturns in order to save money. Our cars get to stay together.

Last night we had all the Thai engineers over for dinner. I grilled chicken wings for the last time. The grill is now sold.

Today is my last day working with my best friend at work and cubicle neighbor (Jared). He is leaving HTI (probably because I'm moving to Thailand and he'll miss me so much that he just couldn't bare coming to work any more)

There have been many other "last times" lately, but I think that covers the noteworthy ones.

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  1. I love reading your blog! You need to do it more often!

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